Moving to another country is never easy! Add to it a 3 year old little boy having to find a kindergarten, my pregnant wife experiencing heavy nausea on a daily basis, searching for a house in Munich(which is apparently the equivalent of finding a red diamond), navigating the seemingly endless German bureaucracy, dealing with the sub zero temperatures when you come from South India, and the list can go on and on. One of the things that was especially on my mind was finding a job. This can of course take a long time, especially when you are only beginning to learn German which is of course a famously easy language to pick up. 

In any case I had updated my CV and Linkedin profile in India and had figured that once we are settled down a little, I would start the ever so exciting process of applying to different companies, hoping for responses and attending interviews. Little did I know then, that like most things in life- you make plans and prepare, only for the universe to surprise you and make all those plans a little bit irrelevant. Lucky for me the universe had better things in store for me :) 

Back in India I had started my career at Yahoo! and 2 years later i realised that the big corporate world was not for me or rather I was not for them(however you want to see it). I then decided what I would like to do is work for SME's or startups. Some of India's brightest minds started companies, and in this way not only could I learn how business are built, established and scaled, but also do so in a "hands on" way as well as being a stakeholder in the business(most startups give their key employees stake in the company). With this strategy I had spent about 7 years working for several startups at different capacities in the form of an employee as well as a part time consultant. However before moving to Germany I figured I might need to get back to the corporate world(even though I wasn't particularly looking forward to it). I had imagined that it would be easier to get a job in a larger organisation which would also be more open to english speaking expats, not to mention the corporate benefits and salary which I felt was more important for my family.

While these plans were running in my head, my CV had through a few channels landed in the hands of Ben who was to my luck, looking for someone to intern as an operations executive to help manage the day to day work at KWERQUS. Like any gifted business man he saw the opportunity in my CV as someone who could not only support him as an operations intern but use my years of experience in business to scale and grow KWERQUS and become a key employee in the company. 

Something I learnt in the last 8 years of working with businesses is the power of entrepreneurs to affect society. An entrepreneur not only builds value in society by offering a product or service but very importantly provides a livelihood to his/her employees and their families and indirectly to his vendors and partners. In the world today a lot of businesses and business men are looked upon with suspicion as businesses tend to engage in unfair practices, violate laws and harm nature. However this is not always the norm and many businesses and businesses men add value to society in a myriad of ways. This is one of the reasons I continue to work for entrepreneurs and small businesses and believe in the power of business to contribute to building a better world together - building a business can be one of the most difficult things, and cut away the glamour of entrepreneurship, it can have a huge emotional toll on the most resilient of individuals.

So here I am today living in the beautiful city of Munich, and as working is a large part of one's life, I am grateful to have a job with KWERQUS and feel happy that I can continue to work with young entrepreneurs like Ben.

Thank you for reading - Ananth